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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I sign up?

SistersAct will open a sign up form when it comes time to register for our next production. We will announce the date and time of our sign up form opening and spaces will be reserved based on timestamps of that form.  We do tend to fill up quickly so we urge families to sign up as soon as possible. 


My child is new to this. Will they have a role?

We hold auditions for all roles in every production. Every child will be cast in a speaking role in the show with at least one line. There are also big production numbers that will feature all children in the show. Every student that registers will have a costume and lots of stage time! We find that even "shy" children end up catching the theatre bug and want to have their moment in the spotlight!


How will you cast the show?

Students will participate in virtual auditions for each production (unless otherwise stated). These auditions consist of singing a song from the show and acting out a short scene. All information will be given to parents at least two weeks in advance of auditions. We then host "callbacks" for students we would like to see again in order to cast the show. Every student who auditions receives a role. We cast objectively and do not base roles on race, ethnicity, or gender. 

Refund Policy:
We do not offer refunds of any kind after auditions. Individual refund policies apply to each show and will be presented at checkout on our Uplifter website.  

Have a different question? We're here to answer it! Please send us an email at

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