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SistersAct Performing Arts

Musical Theatre Opportunities for Austin Area Students

What we do:

We produce After-school and Summer Musical Theatre programs for students ages 5-16. Our productions include costumes, lights, sets, props, singing, dancing, acting, and fun. All of our performances take place on a full sized stage so that your student gets to feel like a Broadway star.



Who we are:


SistersAct was created in 2015 by Tiffany Blackmon and Chantel Getz. The sisters grew up in Upstate New York where their childhoods were shaped by their participation in local theatre productions. Chantel and Tiffany both relocated to the Austin area as adults and used their passion for theatre to create a program where students could have the same opportunities on stage. SistersAct has grown from 20 students in the summer of 2015 to over 170 students on stage in the summer of 2023. The program continues to expand, offering more experiences for local students to bask in the stage lights.

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